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If worst comes to worst, are you prepared? Have you surrounded yourself with enough like-minded people who are also prepared and can be a benefit to the group? While this first book in the Survival Mindset series covers gun stashing, stashing ideas and techniques, it also focuses on situational awareness, picking the right friends, and making sure you are doing things for the right reasons. This is done in a jocular, but sometimes stinging manner that only a Navy SEAL can deliver. If you want to be prepared for emergencies, hard times, or martial law scenario, but also want to retain a real world mentality and live as normal a life as possible, then this book is for you. If you are looking to have your hand held and everything figured out for you, then this book is definitely not for you. This book is about mindset and teaching you how to figure things out for yourself, with a few breadcrumbs to show you the way.

What you will find in this book: 

-How to find and choose friends who will be true, loyal friends (and why this is important).

-How much to tell your friends, family, and children about your level of preparedness or the location of your stash.

-Some ideas of where and how to hide a stash and some pitfalls to avoid.

-How to avoid theft of a stash or unwarranted search and seizure from law enforcement.

In a survival situation, those with the best mindset come out ahead. Those with a solid mindset AND adequate preparations will be even further ahead. This edition of the Survival Mindset series covers what self-defense is, and how to find good self-defense and martial arts training. It also covers the implementation of tools in self-defense: traditional weapons (knives, guns, and sticks) as well as improvised weapons (coffee mugs, magazines, and umbrellas). This book discusses what you can do if you find yourself locked in the trunk of a car. It guides you through how to optimize survival of ALL of your team (or family) members in the case of fire or other emergencies or disasters. This book talks about burglaries and how to respond to victimization. It also covers how to deal with being a survivor and the real burden of PTSD. Finally, this book covers the basics of how you build financial security and peace into your survival mindset. All the preparations in the world won’t mean a thing if you don’t get your mind ready to cope with an emergency or crisis. This book gives you one more stepping stone toward your ultimate Survival Mindset.

Chapters Included in this Edition of Survival Mindset: 

Chapter 1: What is Self Defense?

Chapter 2: Using Weapons in Self-Defense

Chapter 3: Tools

Chapter 4: The HomeFront

Chapter 5: The Element of Surprise

Chapter 6: Living In and Through a Crisis

Chapter 7: On Bondage and Slavery


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