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6a00d83451f4a069e2017d3c342fc1970c-800wiScreenwriting is the art of condensing a fiction or non-fiction story to its most basic, visual elements. It is writing a play; with scenes, characters, dialog, and storyline, all with a mind for how it will play out on the big screen, instead of on stage. Although a well-written screenplay will still convey the richness of the scenes and the background of the characters, everything in a screenplay story is condensed, so that (usually) the whole story can be told and understood in no more than two hours, or 120 pages; or 45 minutes, if it is an hour TV show.

Current Projects registered at the WGAw:

A Way Out

Logline: When two, retired Navy SEALs, now working for the CIA, discover a plot to abduct the U.S. Ambassador in Algeria, they risk everything to save him.

Just in Time

Logline: A struggling stage actor takes a part in a bank robbery gone bad. By a twist of fate, he ends up with the money and must decide whether to run, or try to rebuild his life as it was.


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